These systems are able to detect any kind of motion

The sensors are window/door vibration sensors, open window/door magnet sensors and motion sensors.

It can use the GSM network as well as WiFi Meaning a text message from pre-approved cell numbers can give commands etc in the event wifi is down but for the most part WiFi is common… Also it will still run even in a blackout as the system has a self powered battery They the system can give alerts to your mobile phone when the alarm triggers and can also be armed and disarmed via your smart phone


Axiom Technologies will never sell you gimmicks, have introductory periods, or raise your rate.  Our company, built from the ground – up with solid values, believes that a good alarm system can be affordable.  Our low monthly price for monitoring is possible by maintaining a debt-free company. We do all of the installation, monitoring and support in house.


Axiom Technologies have taken pride in providing extremely reliable services to you and all other customers. Axiom Technologies do our best to make sure the job is done right, the first time.  Axiom Technologies use only the highest quality alarms and cameras for every job, with the goal of what is installed today will last for many years to come.


From day one, Axiom Technologies make sure our customers feel safe with Alarm Security.  Security is priority for most, and this is where we shine.  Our in-house central station monitors many homes and businesses throughout the nation.  It’s process-based and multi-factor procedures give our customers the security they expect without cutting corners.  Axiom Technologies help protect your family, business and your life.  What’s more important?

Affordable Alarm System Installations

Wireless Alarm Systems


Wireless alarm prices start from as low as $

  • DSC Alarm System Control Keypad

  • DSC Wireless motion detection sensors

  • Includes 24/7 Support

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Wired Alarm Systems


Wired alarm prices start from as low as $

  • DSC Wired keypad installation

  • DSC Wired vibration sensors

  • Wired Cable installation

  • Includes 24/7 Support

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