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Who exactly is your customer? This is one question many small businesses struggle to answer. What age are they? Where do they come from? What are their characteristics & lifestyles? These are all fairly easy questions to answer, if you have a database.

When someone enquires about your products/services via email, Facebook, your website or any other channel you’ll naturally respond to those people using the channel they made the enquiry from. You’re correct to respond to your customers using the channel they use, but it’s also important to collect as much information as possible about each individual person or company. If they phone you then ask for their email address, if they email you ask for their Facebook profiles. If you want to know who your customers are, then you must collect as much relevant details as possible so you can begin to understand exactly who your target market is. When we see an advert with only a phone number, it’s dead. Unless we need to call that company immediately their potential to sell to us has been lost. If that advert had a Facebook page, a website or email address then we can make an inquiry in our own time.

The importance of capturing as much information as possible about your customers is essential to ensure future marketing activities are more relevant to the people who’re receiving them. Measuring the effectiveness & ROI of your marketing efforts cannot be achieved unless you capture, store and utilise the information from your database. There’s no point in having details about your customers in a range of locations like a diary, email list, pieces of paper and social media accounts. Your customer details must be in one place so they’re easily accessible for speed and accuracy with the ability to collate and measure that data. From here you can target smaller segments of customers based on a range of variables and tailor marketing communications to those smaller more unique groups of people.


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[services_style5 title=”Custom Database Design, Development & Management” link=”#” img_src=”http://axiom.tt/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Database_3_120x120.png” columns=”one_half” position=”other”]Whether it be an inventory or customer relationship management system, we offer cutting edge database application development services tailored to your specific needs to give you a competitive advantage.[/services_style5] [services_style5 title=”Data Gathering, Analysis and Reporting Tools” link=”#” img_src=”http://axiom.tt/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/group_data_120x120.png” columns=”one_half” position=”last”] Your information is important, however, how you use it is what makes te difference. We can give you the right analytic tools to identify and compare critical information  that will help keep you on top[/services_style5]