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Solving your networking issues in the comfort of your home with Axiom Technologies Solutions.

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Networking is a powerful tool that has become unmatched in today’s advancing world providing us with connectivity across the globe.

What area are you having problems today? Find out your area via the tabs so we can provide the right solution, for you.

Nothing puts a damper on your afternoon entertainment like non functioning media equipment. Whether its to view sports from the Olympics or to look at that new Game Of Thrones episode, you need your TV or chrome cast products to be working properly.

Our services will fix your video issues, your products issues and even your internet issues, ensuring that they are running properly and smoothly. Having your entertainment setup ready for your coming guests is our main priority.


Children are our future & their education is extremely important. This is why we provide the necessary tools that are needed, to complete their homework or even a thesis, effectively and efficiently. If you need hardware, check our store for laptops, flash drives and other tech supplies or contact us for any software that they may need. Our services also include website creation for school projects if needed.

We at AXIOM Technologies, are fully aware of the hidden dangers that exist on the world wide web. This is why our Parental Control services are centered around key features such: keeping certain website or channels blocked or even router time limits (Internet Curfew) to ensure your child does their homework.

Having camera’s properly installed is one thing but allowing them to be viewed from any location is also another. We at Axiom Technologies know how busy one can be and when you are not at home, you need to still be able to view your home or business from multiple locations. We provide our clients the ability to see their cameras on their phone, tablets or other mobile devices. Security is our business! Let us sweat the hard stuff so you can have your peace of mind.


Any avid gamer would know the problems and issues that one can face during a heavy gaming session. Whether it is issues with game sharing, a damaged console, wanting a new monitor or even a new game, we are here to offer our assistance and services.
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