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4 channel system

4 channel

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Security Camera Systems


As licensed tech support and installers, we’ll work with you to discover potential problems, design a solution, and then implement and integrate it.



Record money exchanging hands, credit card fraud, theft, patrons, and employees and view it all remotely when you’re busy running your business.


HD cameras for gyms, playing fields, concession stands, cafeterias, hallways, entrances, visitors, parents, pickup/drop off areas.



Complete security systems that monitor daily operations and offers preventive maintenance for people on the ground and machinery.

Gas Stations 

np gas station

We only use the highest grade commercial equipment for the most demanding environments. IP 66 Rated

Law Enforcement 


Booking, interrogation rooms, interview rooms, microphone and audio, jail cell, and drunk tank monitoring.



Eye-level cams, people counting, unattended object detection, anti-fogging, 180 degree cameras, fisheyes, and adjustable alarm toggles.

Casino and Gaming 

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Capture high definition video of patrons, gaming tables, entertainment areas, and employees in real time with no delay. All in real time.

License Plates 

License plate cameras for toll-roads, parking garages, HOA entrances, apartment complexes, or any gated community. High or low speed.

Car Dealerships 

car sales

Use HD cameras to see dents, scratches, and vehicle damage when it happens. Always have eyes on your car lot remotely from all your devices.

Property Management 


Rental properties, apartments, condos, remote management, notification and alerts, wireless building connections, smart phone.

Hotel Security 


High-Def security cameras for hotel lobbies, entrances, exits, guest room hallways, meeting areas, conference rooms, and the pool.


eating dining

Low light cameras are excellent for dining rooms without bothering guests. Money counting, walk-in coolers, waste, kitchen areas in HD video.

Health Care 


Reduce health and security risks. Improve hospital security and patient safety on an open platform and easy to use user interface.



Secure equipment that lets you focus on running the country. Be prepared for any emergency with excellent video and access control resources.

We also offer cloud storage!

Our Cloud storage service provides instant backup of your video footage in case of hard drive failure, fire or theft. Rest easy your footage is safe and secure with us, only accessible by you. We will provide you, quick and easy access to the encrypted video footage from an offsite location via your user credentials at our online website, whenever you request it. If needed, we can also bring the footage to you by a trusted Axiom representative, also whenever you request it.

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